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RVS Fishworld Inc. Policy

Ordering Policy

  • 1. All shipments (orders) are on prepaid basis only.
  • 2. Prior to receiving your shipment, a pro-forma invoice will be sent to you including the freight rate, packing charges and other applicable charges.
  • 3. Orders will only be processed after we received the full pro-forma invoice in our account.
  • 4. All Charges includes:
    • a. Fish cost;
    • b. Freight rate to destinations;
    • c. Security and Fuel Airlines Surchages;
    • d. Box/Packing charges - $12.00/box;
    • e. Administrative and trucking - $60.00;
    • f. Broker's fee & Documentations to USA destinations (PBA) - $49.99;
    • g. Broker's fee and Documentations to Europe destinations (PBA) - $69.00;
    • h. Foreign Exchange Differentials - $0.02/$1.00;
    • i. VAT (12.5% of 5% freight);

Terms of Sale:

Any DOA's(Dead On Arrival) must be emailed within 24 hours along with pictures. All fishes must be laid out clearly on Styrofoam lids or table. Credit will be given at the company's discretion. Any delayed in airlines or cold/hot shipment is consignee's responsibility. Should any carrier mishandliing or delay occured, consignee must pick up the shipment regardless of the circumstances. Any and all claims must be filled to the airlines by the consignee. Refusal of the shipment for any reason voids any and all claims by both the consignee and the shipper to the carrier.