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Bermuda Commercial Skimmers

Bermuda Aquatics has developed the most advanced protein skimmer for the commercial needs of the marine aquarium industry. Efficiency is key when describing the impressive works of this machine. In contrast to other commercial skimmers, only the Bermuda Protein Skimmer saves you money instantly.

The efficiency of this skimmer requires fewer pumps because of the powerful re-circulation within the chamber. Clouds of concentrated foam rising into the collection cup are a visual confirmation of what this skimmer is doing for you. Because the pump is a high efficiency design, it runs cool and doesn't heat the water. So the chiller doesn’t run as often as if you used the typical inefficient pumps of other skimmers that do heat the water.

Common outdated pumps not only cost you money in electricity, there is the long-term expense of increased maintenance, overheating the water, and early replacement. In addition to the great efficiency involved with this set up, our injector has low back pressure which allows for versatility. Filters such as a pressurized fluidized bed can be plumbed inline prior to the skimmer without the need for an additional pump.

For Inquiries and Sales, You can Contact:

Mr. Barnett P. Shutman
RVS Fishworld Inc. (Philippines) Tel: #632-772-2186 ex 103
Fax#: 632-822-3088
Free call # 845 915-8899 or 845 915 6888 ( USA & CANADA )
Email: barnett.rvsfishworld@gmail.com

Bermuda Commercial Protein Skimmers provide twice the air intake and ten times the efficiency of our major competitors,
without the hassle of clogging