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Net Fishing Training Program

RVS Fishworld, Inc. is primarily engaged in export of live tropical fishes and invertebrates to different parts of the world. The primary concern of the company is the welfare of the environment and marine life thru a CYANIDE-FREE, NET-CAUGHT fishing. RVS Fishworld, Inc. and RVS 4-Star spearheaded net training and licensing program held in Sta. Ana, Cagayan last August 2015. Diver’s interest and safety is another priority of the company which they have learned in the training. They were also provided with the finest monofilament netting from Japan, diver’s mask, scoop nets and flippers. Some divers from other areas were given diver’s watch for safety precaution..

RVS Fishworld, Inc. also built several collecting and conditioning sub-stations from different parts of the Philippines, i.e. Quezon, Cebu, Palawan and Aparri , to ensure good quality and variety of fish. The locals are bringing their catch to the substations which will be screened, medicated and conditioned. It will be beneficial for the people in coastal community to deliver to the sub-station for economical reason.